Kung-Fu Weapons Training

Kung-Fu has the broadest range of weapons of any Martial Art. Training in one or a number of Kung-Fu’s spectacular weapons is a draw that brings many students to train in the first place. Beginners, however, are rarely taught weapons. First of all basic empty hand forms must be perfected. From here, students train in the more basic Kung-Fu weapons, such as the staff and broadsword before moving on to more complex and unwieldy weapons such as the three sectional staff or nine sectional whip. Different styles incorporate different weapons from a very large range into their curriculum.

Weapons forms improve strength, coordination and skill and are often trained in order to condition the body for superior performance in empty hand combat. However, Kung-Fu is an ancient system of martial arts stemming from a time where warfare was widespread and frequent. Although beautiful it should be remembered that weapons forms were invented as a means to kill one’s opponent on the battlefield and they should be trained with gravity and respect.