Kung-Fu Organisations

  • IWUF The International Wushu Federation is the responsible body for the regulation of Wushu and Sport Wushu worldwide.
  • BCCMA The British Council for Chinese Martial Arts is the official body for governing Kung FU in th UK. It is recognised by the UK Sports Council, the European Wushu Federation and the IWUF.
  • EWUF The European Wushu Federation is designated to regulate sport Wushu throughout the member states of the European Union.
  • WCDKA The Wing Chun Kuen Kung Fu Association teaches the Yip Man style of Wing Chun in a variety of locations throughout the UK.
  • BKFA The British Kung Fu Association regulates member schools and organises UK competitions in a number of Kung-Fu style including Lau Gar, Tai Chi Chuan, Chi Kung, Wushu and Gee Wai Shu.
  • The Bruce Lee Foundation is a public benefit corporation dedicated to disseminating the life ‘s teachings of the late Bruce lee.

Kung-Fu Links

  • Beijing Wushu Team contains scores of videos of Wushu plus articles on Kung-Fu, including a few written by Jet Li himself.
  • High Performance Wushu is a website offering free and paid for Wushu training material designed for you to maximise your Kung-Fu skills potential.
  • Plum Blossom Publishing produce martial arts books on all aspects of Kung-Fu,
  • Bilang Martial Arts Trickz see videos of the best young display martial artists around, many of whom incorporate heavy doses of Kung-Fu into their high octane individual forms.
  • Jon Foo check out the homepage of UK Kung-Fu champion Jon Foo, currently making big waves in the international action movies scene with his flawless Wushu skills.
  • Martial Arts Planet is a widely subscribed martial arts forum with a section dedicated to the Chinese martial Arts.
  • Martial Talk is a forum dedicated to friendly martial arts chat with a specific section on Kung-Fu.
  • Budoseek is a very popular martial arts chat forum with a section dedicated to Chinese martial arts in particular. You can find out a lot here about different styles, their histories and practitioners.
  • Kung-Fu Science is an interesting web page detailing a project exploring the physics behind Kung-Fu’s martial power.